Being Present in the time of Social Media

Being Present in the Time of Social Media

Lately, I’ve been making an effort to stay in the present and give my friends and family my undivided attention when I’m with them. 

Too often, the siren song of our smart phones and social media pull us away from what’s important.

Some of my friends have started actively avoiding social media and I admit, at first, I thought this idea was a) impossible
b) unnecessary
c) weird.  

But I began noticing that I was feeling anxious after being immersed in my social media. The mindless scrolling, the inundation of news and crisis, the distraction – the noise of it all.

So I made an effort to reinforce boundaries around my use of social media.

I quickly found that the less time I spent online, the less time I wanted to be there.

I understand that technology is an important tool with lots of neat-o features but all in moderation right?!

When I see kids out for dinner with their parents in front of ipads, it breaks my heart. Or when I overhear young students in my daughter’s class talking about their video games, it unnerves me.  Likewise, when I see adults out with children, ignoring them while they stare at their phones, it worries me. As it does when I see teens waiting at the school bus stop, with their heads down, staring at their screens, oblivious to the beauty of the day, it concerns me.

Everyone looking so disconnected, addicted, overstimulated and empty.

Could this explain our culture’s current obsession with zombies? Is it that so many people can identify with the listless, non-communicative, trapped humans with no free will? It breaks my heart to be honest and worries me for our future generations.

Being Present with Social Media

As I “dragged” my laptop outside on a gorgeous day to write, I wondered: how will my new attitude towards the zombie-like effects of these glowing screens help me be more present? To be mindful of our precious time, to be curious, aware and engaged in this gift called life. 

Now the challenge will be to find the balance between these two worlds.

I blog and run an online global business so completely eliminating social media and screen won’t work for me.

How can I be present while still using social media:

For starters, I can put more boundaries in place, such as where and when I check my social media. 

I can also reduce or even remove the amount of notifications I receive from the various platforms.

Additionally, I can set aside specific offline times to work at my screen.  

Essentially, I must be smarter about my smart device.

Again isn’t that what yoga is really about?

Living a life of mindfulness in a world of clutter and distraction. Coming back to my focus even when I am sidetracked or unhinged. Recognizing that these are life’s lessons through which I learn and transform.

Ultimately making me more flexible, less anxious, more aware, more engaged. And way more agile to fight off those zombie motherf*ckers.

What tips and tricks do you use in your life to help you stay engaged and more rooted in the present? Share them below! 

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