Love Plea to Humanity

Love is the Way. My Plea to Humanity

It’s all about love, guys.

Maybe I’m naïve but it’s so plain to me. That’s why we’re here: to love each other. To accept, acknowledge, appreciate, support and LOVE each other.

Why do we make it so damn complicated? I’m sick of worrying about hate, injustice and grief.

Humanity is so beautiful with its’ endless rainbow of colors, voices, ideas and possibility.

What greater gift could you ever need? Life, nature, opportunity. It makes my heart swell when I think of it- but then it shrinks right back down. Afraid of what we can lose (there’s a lot at stake).

Climate change, presidents and dictators, gunman and hatred- it’s got me all tied up in knots. “What can I do?” I ask myself, pulled and tempted down a narcissistic path of pity, fear and paranoia.

Love is the Way

I know life has it’s share of hardships for everyone. But when you experience them, personally live through and play witness to them, well, that’s when it gets hard. That’s when it gets painful and messy.
And yet through pain comes some of our biggest learning and aha moments. Some of our most profound personal growth. 

Pain is part of beauty- Inside all the hurt, love is beauty and pain.

It’s so clear, but somehow, along way, the message has gotten muddied.

We have to clean up our acts (literally). We have to do better.  Better connecting, encouraging and loving on one another. Beauty and joy are all around- we just have to choose to see it.  Be aware of the daily miracles and send that frequency of positivity out to the universe.

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The good is there.

It will always be there.

We have to make sure we never lose sight of it. Tune into the small moments in your life- those are what make up a lifetime. Cherish those little gifts- it’s a present from the universe.

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Love is everywhere.

It’s in my daughter’s laughter when she plays with her daddy, it’s the gleam of mischief in my son’s eyes when he knows he’s taking a risk, but that we will be there to catch him, to love him, no matter what.

Here's my plea:

We must take this beauty, this fire, this promise of a better day, (a better way) and turn it into an evolution of growth, respect, peace and acceptance.

The light of goodness burns inside us all.

Take that light and beam it out onto the universe, care-bear style. Together, we can make an endless rainbow of magic, light and community shining out for eternity, pushing back the dark, made stronger by love.

Love is the way

What are some ways you can make the better place and stand up to injustice with peace and love? Tell us below in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you! 

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