Trust the Universe.

Setting Goals: Trust The Universe Has Your Back

I love setting goals

To be clear: I’m a goal junkie. 

The bigger and more bad-ass the goal, the more excited I get.    

I set out with great goals and I really really want to achieve them.  They seem attainable, do-able and so inspiring when I set them. 

I research them. I journal about it. I keep tabs.

But then something happens. Let’s call it life.

I get in my head, things take longer than I originally anticipate and I get discouraged.

And confession time: I start working less hard, believing a little less passionately and moving towards my goals with less gusto.

And dare I say it, on one or two occasions, I may have even given up.

It seems to be a “thing” I do. I give up right before my goals are realized. It’s the stupidest thing ever. 

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Here’s the kicker of it all:

Looking back on old goals through the 20/20 lens of hindsight and my new realization, all my work and dedication were getting me where I needed to go. 

I was doing the work, but then my mind started playing tricks on me. 

Its endless barrage of: Who are you to achieve this? Who do you think you are? This is taking longer than expected. This isn’t for you. The list goes on and on. The endless shit I allow in my mind is utter non-sense. It’s sad, useless and total garbage.

I can see potential in my colleagues, friends, family or even the folks on TV.

But for myself, I relentlessly put myself down for not being good enough, rich enough, successful enough, calm enough- you name it. I’ve probably beat myself up over it.

I thought I was aware of the ways around the head trash. I love self-development books, Ted Talks, podcasts, you name it. They’re my armor in a world of negativity, faster faster faster, go go go, want want want. 

Maybe by seeing this pattern, I can nip it in the bud.

As I muddled over a jigsaw puzzle, I let my mind wander to all the amazing things that I have accomplished in one year:

I started and continue to develop my blog. I eat healthier, drink more water and have been more active since adopting our puppy. My husband and I paid off our debts and bought a cottage (which has been a lifelong dream of mine.) I travel more. I’ve tried yoga classes of all kinds and seek out more experiences outside of my comfort zone I give to more charities and volunteer more and even took a singing class (which I’ve always wanted to do). Most importantly, I’m learning to love and appreciate my body.

Why oh why do I undermine all of my hard work?

I wholeheartedly believed I would finish that daunting jigsaw puzzle.

I had no problem seeing it through to the end.

Thinking back after it was complete, I can’t remember how all those pieces got there. Sometimes it seemed as though the pieces were guiding themselves and fell into place.

Or metaphorically, the universe wanted me to complete my goal (the puzzle) and had my back the entire time.

It may be easier said than done, but what if I treated all my goals like I did that puzzle?

Knowing it would get done, dividing it into small chunks, not giving up when the going got tough, asking for help and trusting that the universe will help the pieces all fall into place.

Then before you know it, and before your very eyes, it creates a big picture, your vision technically, and all your hard work comes togethe.

And it’s absolutely beautiful.

Setting Goals

Friends, what are some of your ways to achieving the goals you set.  Are you hard on yourself too? If so, what do you do to encourage yourself when things are tough? Comment in the section below. 

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  • Vikki Van Oosten

    Thank you for this. I, too, get into my head and am unkind to myself. My goal is to love myself more this year, to be with people who love me more, to turn my back on the bs, to work up to 365 squats in a row, to do my stretches every day at least once, to drink more water, and to eat healthier. I trust God to deliver. And I trust myself. Thanks for inspiring. XO

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