3 Tips for Snowga Yoga. How to do Snow Yoga

Tips for Snowga Yoga: Yoga Adventures in the Snow

Looking for some tips for Snowga Yoga, winter’s newest Yoga trend? Snowga Yoga is a blend of yoga, snow, adventure and the great outdoors.  Here are some of my tips for how to introduce Snowga Yoga into your Yoga Practice.  Snowga Yoga is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, get your heart pumping and lungs breathing in beautiful fresh air. Step outside of your comfort zone and discover something new with Snowga Yoga. 

Yoga + Snow = Snowga

I was moved to try Snowga Yoga after an experience I had when my dad made a vegan dish with swiss chard, balsamic glazed chickpeas and so much other deliciousness. My dad, a man of little words didn’t mention any other ingredients, so after some yoga in my living room, I warmed it up and eagerly dove in.  

I found what I thought was a mushroom, speared it with my fork and brought it to my mouth. A slightly rubbery texture with a bitter and almost salty flavour met my tastebuds instead.  It was delicious! I looked for more of these briny rascals and after several scrumptious bites, I had figured it out: These weren’t mushrooms but olives! 

Hold up- normally, I don’t like olives.  In fact, I avoid them at all costs.  A “thing” I’ve had since I was young. I was stumped by this unexpected twist of events. I’ve spent years thinking one thing (olives are gross), yet completely oblivious to the truth (they’re actually downright tasty).

Inspired to Try Something New

It got me thinking about other things in my life that I’ve linked with my personality or am quick to dismiss because of an outdated and possibly ignorant notion. What other delicious, incredible, fun and possibly heart-thumping experiences do I turn my nose up to for no damn good reason?

I live in snowy Canada and although it’s not the snowiest part of this beautiful country… for this sun loving bunny, it can be a bit much. In other words, I’m not overly passionate about the snow. BUT could that be my ego and other passé ideas playing tricks on me again, holding me back from life adventures I may enjoy?

With this in mind, I bribed my best friend with a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks and we set out to the forest behind my house for snowga Yoga.

Snow, eh?

Yogis love blending their love for nature with their practice so this new style of yoga isn’t really a surprise. But it was a surprise to my friend when I showed up at her door with my great idea to try Snowga Yoga! And similar to the olives, it was far better than I thought. 

Yoga in the Snow- 3 Snowga Tips

I Expanded My Definition of ME

In trying something new and letting go of my stale thoughts which no longer served me, I pushed past my own boundaries and got out of my comfort zone. (Because let’s be real, comfort zones are not that comfortable!)

(Read more about the discomfort of comfort zones here.)

I gave myself the gift of new experiences, new tastes and new laughs, all while enjoying the bountiful scenery provided (free of charge) by mother nature. I just had to open my eyes to it and see all the possibilities in saying “yes”. 

Snowga Tips: How to do Yoga in the Snow

3 Tips for Snowga Yoga Adventurers

So, my friend, if you’re looking for something to spice up your fitness routine and are want something fun to try, here are my top 3 tips for your next Snowga Yoga Adventure.

  1. Focus on Standing Poses.  Snow is cold so keep the majority of your practice to poses that you can do standing up, such as: variations of Warrior 1, 2 & 3, Triangle, Tree and Mountain.  It’s chilly to spend a lot of time on your belly or back in the snow, so I would limit those to Savasana.

  2. Dress warmly. Bundling up is super important as it allows you to focus on your practice, instead of your cold fingers.  Speaking of which, grab yourself some hand-warmers to place in your mittens.  You can remove these and place them in your pockets while you practice, if need be.

  3. Leave your mat at home.  Yoga mats are slippery on the snow. Furthermore, when snow gets on top of the mat, it can also make it slippery for you to balance and do your poses without hurting yourself.  Instead of bringing your mat, adopt a stop-drop-yoga attitude. Do a couple of poses here, do some more there. Blend the snowga practice with your daily walk for a fun and unique twist to your routine. 

Say Yes to New Adventures

So, now the challenge is to remember this lesson and apply it every day.  Want to try a new cafe? Sure! Invert into a challenging yoga pose? Totally! Should I wear that mustard-coloured shirt? Why not! How about some winter camping? Eeek, I’ll get back to you on that one! (Baby steps right?!) 😉

For more life lessons and sh!fts that happen, click here.  It’s about the blessings of friendship and includes a free video.

Have you taken any bold steps outside of your comfort zone lately? Tell me about it in the comments below.  

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