Learn Unattachment through Yoga

Learning about Unattachment through Yoga

The Yama, Aparigraha, is a fancy Sanskrit word for unattachment.  It translates to non-greediness, non-possessiveness or non-grasping. It reminds us to take only what we need, keep what serves us, and to let go when the time is right.

Yogis have a set of guidelines called Yamas and Niyamas which are like a map navigating you on life’s journey. Simply put, the Yamas are things not to do, while the Niyamas are things to do. Together, they form a moral compass of yogi ethics and virtues.

Unattachment to Time

Yogis, start your engines.

This life: it’s a ride, isn’t it?! A high-performance, pedal-to-the-metal, fast-moving course of obstacles, quick decisions and wear and tear. A place where dreams and heroes are made.

It’s a race against time. And I need more torque to catch up. 

This week, I sent two growing, amazing humans to school.

My heart felt such pride. Tinged with a bit of sadness at the fact that, not only are they growing older, but I am too.  And no matter how hard I try to hold on to time, to stop it from moving too fast, it zooms by at breath-taking speed.

Seeing Things Differently

On a recent field trip with my daughter’s class, her hand tucked into mine, her curious blue eyes looking up at me, I got completely choked up.  The innocence, the eagerness, the love that comes so freely at this age, it had me in tears. I began to miss my daughter’s youth and sweetness while I was literally immersed in it.

I thought: If I could stop time, and stay in this moment, I’d always be happy.  And with that naive thought, something shifted in me. 

I can’t stop time but I can be in the moment, this one right here, and be happy.  Be present, be mindful, be love, be grateful. They all go hand in hand. 

Worrying about the future stealing what I have, that was robbing me of my happiness.

I had created a figure-8 of worry and lost traction.  I can’t stop time from passing- I can only hang on to the “oh shit” handle bars and enjoy the ride.  

Learning about Unattachment

This Racetrack Called Life

So race fans, a yellow flag.

If you expect to find the winning prototype for your very own DeLorean in this post, consider me disqualified. 

You may not need a license to drive, but the ultimate champions are the ones that can maneuver life’s challenges with finesse, courage and stamina.

And I admit, I’m still a rookie driver on this racetrack called Life.  

Friends, what are some of the ways you deal with how quickly time passes? Are you able to stay in the moment and practice unattachment? Tell us below in the comments. 

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