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7 Yoga-Inspired Tips for Disney World

Planning an upcoming trip to Disney World? Here’s 7 yoga-inspired tips to help you have a magical time at Disney World.

I admit it. I was not thrilled about visiting Disney World on our recent trip to Orlando Florida.

I was convinced that it would be hot, crowded, stressful and that one of us would end up in tears (likely me.) I had a totally sucky attitude about the whole thing.

I posted on social media, read books and visited blogs to learn all the tips, tricks, suggestions and possible secrets I could find.

I expected to read harrowing tales of parents dealing with crying, cranky kids, long lines, over-the-top consummerism & advertising and many cautionary tales warning me to stay away.

Instead, people told me about how great Disney World was, how much my family would love it and that no trip to Florida was complete without a trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Uh huh, I thought, as I discreetly (perhaps not discreetly) rolled my eyes and packed my bags for Florida.

A Change of Attitude

Fast forward a couple of days, and our visit to Disney was off to the rocky start I had “predicted”.

We’d done what felt like a lot of walking and even more waiting and I had just about had enough. While we stopped for a coffee and washroom break, I prepared to tell everyone that I was ready to go home.

But as I worked up the nerve to be the party-pooper of the bunch, I looked around the park and took it all in.

Sure, it was hot and sticky.

But there was a lot of delight too. Joy, enthusiasm and happiness were abundant on everyone’s faces.

I looked around again with fresh eyes and noticed how clean the park was, how strangers shared a smile, families were spending time together and everyone was having a grand ol’ time.

And that’s when I finally realized: It was my attitude that was the problem.

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I was at Disney World, one of the most magical places on earth and it was up to me to create the experience I wanted to have.

Yoga-Inspired Tips for Disney World

7 Yoga-Inspired Tips for Disney World

Here’s how some of Yoga’s life lessons apply to having a magical day at Disney World:

  1. Perspective is Everything:
    I could choose to search for the negative and let it sour the day. Instead, I wore my rose-coloured glasses with pride (plus they looked great with my Minne Mouse ears.)

  2. Be in the Moment:
    You may feel overwhelmed by the size of the park, the excitement of the day and all the many sights to see but relax. It’s all good! The day flies by, but the memories last a lifetime. Take it all in: the look of exhilaration of the children around you, the pride of their parents, the many generations of families. For many, this is a dream come true. I definitely encourage capturing those adorable pics and videos, but remember to put down the camera and be present.

  3. Drink Water:
    You can bring your own water containers into the park. We were able to stop and refill our bottles at many of the water fountains in the park. Everyone fared better because we were hydrated. Bonus tip: We brought in small bottles for easier carrying. They were much lighter to carry as we could chug our water and then refill them when we needed vs carrying heavy water bottles all day.

  4. Have Fun:
    Sing, dance, laugh, skip and cheer! Go ahead, let your inner child out! I honestly felt like I had just reunited with some of my best friends. I’d grown up with these movie characters and at the risk of sounding cheesy, many of them (and their songs) were around for transformative years of my life. So it’s no surprise that one of favorite parts of the day was the Theatre shows. They were incredible! The best part was that I could sing at the top of my lungs. And even better, I wasn’t the only one. 

  5. Community Unites Us:
    Everyone loves to feel included, like they’re part of the club so matching shirts and ear bands are a must. Much of my day consisted of spotting, reading and loving all the families in matching (most often) witty shirts. I saw many of these at the Disney Outlet stores we visited off site, but if you like to be creative, I highly suggest making your own that are unique to your family’s trip.

  6. Have Patience
    There’s quite a bit of waiting involved at Disney, so be prepared for that. We had fast passes which were amazing and I highly recommend. We had a limited amount but for the next time we visit, I will definitely invest in the best fast pass version there is. (I repeat: Fast Passes are a definite!)

  7. Believe in Magic:
    My cup of magic runneth over. I’m a true BELIEVER.  I am totally converted. 
Yoga-Inspired Tips for Disney World

Bippity Boppity Boo

So I guess, in the end, I was right about crying at Disney World.

Except, these were tears of appreciation, gratitude and happiness.

I walked into this experience with disdain and cynicism and left, feeling completely changed.

Have you visited Disney World? Share your experience with us. I’d love to hear what other tips and tricks you have to make the day a truly magical one.

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